Foreign Affairs in the Internet Age

Foreign Affairs in the Internet Age is an initiative on how the Internet Age affects foreign affairs law, and how foreign affairs law affects the Internet. As a global entity, the Internet creates global problems and invites international regulation. The digital age changes how international law-making is conducted: it affects how we imagine accountability, secrecy, and democratic participation in treaty negotiations.

The initiative studies the ways that foreign policy affects Internet governance, and the ways that the Internet has changed how foreign policy is conducted. It represents a collaboration between the Information Society Project (ISP) and scholars of international law and politics at Yale Law School.

The Foreign Affairs in the Internet Age initiative is led by the following Yale Law faculty members:

Jack Balkin David Grewal Oona Hathaway Amy Kapczynski

Affiliated fellows and faculty include: Colin Agur and Rebecca Crootof

FAIA works collaboratively with Yale Law students, and has co-sponsored events with the Yale Law National Security Group and the Yale Journal of Law and Technology.