Innovation Law Beyond IP

Sunday, March 30, 2014 - 8:00am
Yale Law School See map
127 Wall Street
New Haven, CT 06520
Event description: 

Intellectual property law is only one of many legal institutions that can help promote, stifle, or govern knowledge production. For example, government also transfers rewards to innovators through tax incentives, grants, and prizes; regulates innovation through the administrative state (the EPA, FTC, SEC, CPFB etc.); creates legal rules and infrastructures that can help sustain or undermine commons-based production; and influences innovation through law and institutions related to immigration, tort law, education, and more. How do forms of law and governance beyond IP promote innovation, as well as values such as equity, privacy, and democracy? How should these systems be combined, both with one another and with IP law?

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Plenary Session 

Comparing Innovation Policy Levers – 129

Beyond the Patents-Prizes Debate

Daniel Hemel & Lisa Larrimore Ouellette

The Fracking Revolution: A Case Study in Policy Levers to Promote Innovation

John Golden & Hannah Wiseman

Commentators: Rebecca Eisenberg, Michael Abramowicz   

Cultural Production Without IP – 128

Incubating Indies: New Distributed Models to Support Diverse Culture

Sean Pager

Real Accounts from Creators and Innovators: Making Do with an Intellectual Property Misfit

Jessica Silbey

Commentators: Pam Samuelson, Barton Beebe

Regulation and Institutions – 129

Innovation Sticks

Amy Kapczynski & Ian Ayres

Comparative Analysis of Failures and Institutions in Context

Brett Frischmann & Mark McKenna

Commentators: Yochai Benkler, Mark Lemley

Privacy and Innovation – 128

Roundtable discussants:  Bryan Choi, Julie Cohen, Frank Pasquale, Tal Zarsky

Moderator:  Margot Kaminski

Prizes and Grants – 129

Governing Innovation Prizes

Michael Burstein & Fiona Murray

The Unexpected Political Economy of Serendipity

Bhaven Sampat

Commentators: Jonathan Masur, Brian Wright

Organizational Structures – 128

Corporate Structures for Innovation

Dan Burk

Public-Private Partnerships as Innovation Strategies

Liza Vertinsky

Commentators: Roger Ford, Sean O’Connor

Direct Government Incentives—Procurement and Venture Capital Programs – 129

Local Commercialization Incentives

Camilla Hrdy

Incentives To Develop Whose Knowledge?

Jim Bessen

Commentators: Talha Syed, Arti Rai  

Innovation and Human Capital – 128

Roundtable discussants: Orly Lobe, Mario Biagioli, Rochelle Dreyfuss

Moderator: Kiel Brennan-Marquez


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