The Information Society Project (ISP) at Yale Law School is an intellectual center that explores the implications of the Internet and new information technologies for law and society. The ISP is guided by the values of democracy, development, and civil liberties. Our work includes copyright, media law and policy, transparency, and privacy.

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Ideas Lunch - Joanna Erdman

Harm Reduction, Reproductive Justice and Democratic Action

This project focuses on the harm reduction and safe abortion practices of feminist movements, such as abortion hotlines, and their direct action and guerilla tactics including postering, street art, and public spectacle. Within these movements, access to information as a harm reduction measure is practiced as part of a larger struggle to challenge the state and its authority. Harm reduction seeks to radically disrupt and decenter public power, and inspired by a collective freedom, to construct new and alternative ways of caring and living. Feminist movements seek to use clandestine access and harm reduction as a means to show the hypocrisy and dysfunction of the formal health care system, to bear witness to its injustices, and to re-engage the state on newly reconstituted terms of legal and political citizenship.

Thursday, October 20, 2016 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm